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Some Thoughts on Crystals

Crystals have been companions to man in one way or another since the beginning of time. For those of you that recognize the pre-history of Lemuria and Atlantis, it is common knowledge that these peoples were using quartz and other gemstones for energy sources, communications, data storage, and weaponry. Ancient priestesses painted their faces with white gypsum for purification and to emulate the goddesses of light they served. Most ancient cultures used gems for healing. According to the Bible, the twelve tribes of Israel were each represented by twelve corresponding precious stones. Nobility of all cultures encrusted their palaces and sacred places with precious gems. In Asian cultures, crystals were passed through generations as well as placed during burial with deceased love ones, a practice that still survives today.

In our modern age, the power of crystals cannot be denied. Computers, telecommunications, data storage, memory chips, etc. depend mainly on silicon dioxide, aka - quartz crystal. Rubies and sapphires make laser technology possible, and the building industry depends heavily on minerals such as gypsum, also known as a form of selenite. The military relies on beryllium extracted from such gems as “tiffany stone” for making missiles and warheads, and the drug lithium is still extracted to some degree from quartz with lithium deposits.

On a metaphysical level, crystals are finally beginning to get the mainstream recognition they deserve for supplementing our physical, emotional and spiritual health. I mention them as a supplement since we alone hold the ability to completely heal ourselves at the time of our choosing. Crystals are wonderful tools to assist us in these processes. It is also interesting to note that although we often refer to gemstones as crystals, everything of physical matter in our dimension has a crystalline structure at its simplest form, even man made items such as plastics, so definitely a concept to keep in mind when we consider the idea of “clearing” and “programming” crystals later in this discussion.

Even the precious gemstones that are not as popular in the metaphysical circles have their affinities. For example, diamonds are reputed to draw abundance to their wearer, along with consistency, fidelity, confidence, and purity. Diamonds are one of the gems said to improve physical vision. Emeralds are considered to be quite helpful at facilitating healing in the physical body, and rubies, the stone of nobility, assist in spiritual wisdom, strengthening businesses, imparting good physical health, and knowledge. Garnets are one of the original stones of commitment on all levels, life purpose, relationships, and self (found on many antique engagement rings) thought to strengthen the heart, lungs, and blood. It is worthy to note that these attributes are considered by many metaphysical crystal practitioners to be exactly the same whether a precious gem is natural or man-made.

At a time when many are finally comfortable displaying their cherished crystal specimens to all, it is a good idea to do a little research as to where in the home a gem would be most comfortable and able to impart its gifts. Stones such as selenite, celestite, (geode form), and kyanite (there are certainly others) do not do well in a damp environment and will discolor if not break apart from too much moisture. Amethyst, celestite, and rose quartz may fade if placed in an area with too much UV lighting. A front door can benefit from the display of red tiger’s eye, (sometimes called dragons’ eye) a manifesting stone that will also chase away negativity. Hallways are thought to benefit from any sparkly or bright colored gems such as sulphur or hematite. Bedrooms can be given a cozy, feminine charm with the addition of rich, dark colored stones, (especially when in spherical or egg forms) such as lapis lazuli, hematite and obsidian, the latter two having grounding affinities. Amethyst placed under the foot (never at the head…too energizing!) of the bed is believed to bring harmony to married relationships, or draw a love to a single person. Moss agate beside the bed is thought to ward off nightmares, amber makes waking in the morning more bearable, and certainly the addition of angelic stones such as celestite or angelite couldn’t hurt. These are just a tiny sampling of the possibilities of placing gems within the home.

There are a good number of gemstones making their way onto the scene that perhaps are not as popular, but are truly worth researching. Rhodocrosite, for example, is considered to be the “yang” version of rose quartz. It is often referred to as the stone of compassion in action, a beautiful term for such a lovely gem also attributed to drawing positive soulmates to us, and our inner child out. Rhodocrosite exhibits a broad range of pink colors from opaque with gray undertones to a gel pink in its gem grade forms. Larimar is a recently rediscovered stone (1974?) that brings calm and clarity to its wearer and boasts a striking range of blue-greens and whites reminiscent of Caribbean waves. This is appropriate given that it is only found in the Dominican Republic, and has long been called “dolphin stone” or Atlantis stone”. Larimar is the gem foretold to be discovered at an appropriate time to “Atlantis’ rising” by the late Edgar Cayce.

On the subject of the abundance of gems making their way into the world markets at a fast pace, this must be a time when these treasures are ready to surface. Everything certainly happens in divine timing, and although they may have been brought to the surface, they are still happily here on the Earth to assist us and bring us their great beauty. Gemstones such as kyanite which were previously only available as rough pieces for home display or carrying in a pouch are now available in bead and pendant form, a wonderful way to combine healing with fashion.

When choosing a gemstone, it is important to “go with your gut” and let your intuition guide your selection. Make sure the stone “feels right” to you. Consider the things you are trying to draw into or out of your life, and start researching the crystal realm. You will be able to get to the point where you could look at a gemstone on EBay and know it is calling to you. Many believe, and with good reason, that just as all other inhabitants of the natural world are considered to have, that crystals have a resident “Deva” within that gives each gem its unique personality. Some say they can actually hear the little beings singing or talking. Perhaps this is an aspect of what we are drawn to in choosing a stone? Whatever the case, no two gemstones are alike, and everyone will be guided to the best one for their needs.

There is a good bit of discussion on “clearing” crystals, and this is certainly something to consider, even if the only gems you own are on your wedding band or heirloom jewelry. It is believed that gemstones pick up and absorb negative vibrations. Perhaps this is one of the ways in which they help us. I have personally observed some of my clear quartz crystals becoming cloudy over time, then more transparent after I use a technique to clear them. One of the most common, and damaging ways to clear a crystal has been to bury it in sea salt or soak it in salt water. Many still consider this the best way to clear a crystal of unwanted energies, but it is certainly at the expense of the crystal. Salt dehydrates the stones and can make them susceptible to breakage and losing luster, not to mention how this may affect the healing properties of the stone. There are many other ways to clear a crystal that are healthier to them. An additional note on salt is that it is a known absorber of negative energies, so if the salt itself is not cleared, just imagine what could end up in the stone additional. I’ll place an asterisk * next to techniques that can also be used to clear salt.

Forming an intention of clearing anything is just as important as the actual clearing, the clearing methods themselves being once again a facilitating factor. One simple way to clear crystals involves the use of sage or incense for smudging*. You simply form the intention in your mind that you are clearing any negative or non-useful energies from your stone as you wave the smoke around it. It is helpful to follow sage smudging with an incense of your choice (frankincense is good) since sage effectively removes so much that the energy needs to be refilled (this comes from a Native American so I trust it). You can also bury the crystal in dried herbs such as rose petals or sage and leave it for a day or so. Burying in the ground or in a flower pot is yet another option but the crystal may get some mud deposits on it. Again, a day or so, trusting your intuition on this, will suffice. Leaving the crystals in full moonlight is considered another effective method of clearing. Sunlight is good*, but it depends on the sunlight and the crystal, since as mentioned earlier, some stones fade in UV light and faults within the gem may cause the piece to crack if the sun is too intense. There are crystals that are considered to never need clearing, and have the ability to clear other gems placed on or near them. Selenite, kyanite, and citrine* are three of these. In fact, a kindly merchant at a gem show showed me a technique of standing in a triangle formed of selenite was an amazing sensation of clearing on my energetic and physical body! Running a stone under water (no extreme temperatures) is a quick clearing method, and then there is just the old standby of trusting your own power and sending your energetic affirmations through your crystal* to clear it squeaky clean.

If you are using your crystals for healing, remember to also set an intention for each crystal that will act as a program, as crystals, especially quartz, are amazing storehouses for data and energy. Enjoy!

Peace of One
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