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Gemstones by Traditional and Metaphysical Usage

Here is a sampling of various attributes that have been associated with particular gemstones…there are far more gems for individual conditions, and uses, this is intended as a good starting reference. (For education and entertainment use only, these are ancient attributes and current folk remedy uses for gemstones. Peace of One makes no claims as to the actual healing properties of gemstones). This information is offered as a service and is not meant to replace any medical treatment. No guarantee is made towards validity. Use this information at your own risk.

Abundance- amber, malachite, moss agate, tiger eye, hawk eye (blue tiger eye), peridot, jade, green aventurine, citrine

Absentmindedness- carnelian

Addiction- amethyst, black onyx, smoky quartz, sugilite, kunzite

Allergies- brecciated jasper, carnelian, rock quartz, chrysocolla, blue lace agate

Animals-(healing for pets) Dalmatian jasper, rose quartz, rock quartz

Animal Guides and Totems (finding) - unakite

Angels (to draw to wearer) - angelite, celestite, seraphinite, chariote

Anxiety-citrine, lapis lazuli, smoky quartz, mother of pearl, tiger’s eye, howlite, larimar

Asthma- amber (especially unpolished), malachite, tiger eye, rose quartz, rutilated quartz

Auric Field Cleansing- lapis lazuli, selenite, aqua aura, leopard skin jasper, labradorite, black tourmaline

Back and Spine Issues- petrified wood, hematite, blue agate, and apatite

Balance (in life, emotional) - amber, snowflake obsidian, tourmalated quartz

Blood Pressure - (high) jade, sodalite, chrysoprase, bloodstone, larimar

Blood Pressure- (low) sodalite, tourmalines, bloodstone, carnelian

Bones- amazonite, apatite

Calming- sodalite, aventurine, moonstone, rhodonite, rose quartz, larimar

Cancer –red jasper, carnelian, rock quartz

Chakra Balancing- quartz, bloodstone

Chakra Opening- kyanite, fluorite, quartz

Clairaudience- malachite, rutilated quartz, sapphire

Clairvoyance- quartz, chrysoprase, phrenite, kyanite, lapis lazuli, labradorite, moonstone

Clearing discordant energy from other stones- (jewelry too) selenite, kyanite, citrine, black tourmaline, lithium quartz

Communication- (most blue gemstones are associated with throat chakra) sodalite, angelite, celestite, kyanite

Cranial Bones- alignment -diamonds rough or polished

Depression- (to lessen) carnelian, smoky quartz, chrysophase, bloodstone, hematite, tiger eye, larimar, lithium quartz, lepidiolite

Dreams- (to induce or remember) red jasper, celestite, labradorite, azurite, moonstone (see also nightmares) A celestite geode or "cave" is excellent next to the bed for dreams and drawing angels.

Eating Disorders/Dieting- apatite

Edema- amethyst

Emotional Balancing- aventurine, chrysocolla, malachite, moonstone, snowflake obsidian, tourmalated quartz, larimar

Energy- (to draw) amber, carnelian, garnet, tiger eye, citrine, turquoise, tourmalated quartz, amethyst, rock quartz, cherry quartz

Fear (to dispel) - ruby, fluorite, hematite, amethyst, carnelian, quartz, agates, charoite, diamonds, peridot, citrine, angelite, sunstone, tiger eye, moonstone, coral

Finances-to improve money management- tiger eye, chrysoprase, bloodstone, peridot, green quartz (chloride quartz), smoky citrine

Focus- black onyx, malachite, tiger eye, pearl, agates, hematite, kunzite, obsidian

Friendship- turquoise, peridot, moonstone, lapis lazuli, amethyst, sapphire, tourmalines

Luck- green aventurine (wear in left pocket for money luck), moonstone, snowflake obsidian, jade, jaspers, copper, emerald, amber, all garnets (especially green), hawk’s eye (blue tiger eye), yellow sapphire, dendrititc tree agate (merlinite)

Healing (all around general) - amber, malachite, aventurine, moss agate, rose quartz, fluorite, amethyst, peridot, sugilite, moldavite

Immune System- blue agates (esp. natural blue lace agate), carnelian, garnet

Insomnia- amethyst (under foot of bed), sodalite lapis lazuli, hematite, sapphire, fluorite, aventurine, peridot, lithium quartz

Intuition- labradorite, lapis lazuli, moonstones, kyanite, phrenite, sugilite, charoite

Love- rose quartz, rhodocrosite(twin flame soul mates), garnet, emerald, moonstone, opal, ocean jasper, green quartz, rhodonite, pink tourmaline, watermelon tourmaline, pink lace agate

Meditation- rhodonite, lapis lazuli, ruby in zoisite, ametrine, amber, green garnet, labradorite, prehnite, selenite (past lives)

Magical Stones- jet, amber, ruby, moonstone, merlinite (dendritic tree agate)

Mental/Emotional Support- rhodocrosite, citrine, lapis lazuli picture jasper, tiger eye, turquoise, beryl, bloodstone, all jaspers, cherry quartz, larimar

M.S. - red jasper, rock quartz, carnelian,

Neck Problems- hematite, rose quartz, chrysoprase, diamonds, apatite

Negative Energy (to remove/transmute) - black tourmaline, obsidian, lapis lazuli, selenite, sugilite, quartz w/ black tourmaline, garnet, amber, citrine

Nightmares- jet, obsidian, hematite, green calcite

Night Vision- aquamarine, aventurine, beryl, cat’s eye

Past Lives-(to access) - selenite

Pain (physical) - lapis lazuli, rose quartz, magnetite, sardonyx, sugilite, magnetic hematite, malachite, turquoise, carnelian, smoky quartz, ruby, rock quartz

Peace of Mind/Tranquility- larimar, jade, peridot, moonstone, turquoise, ocean jasper, amethyst, rose quartz, rhodonite, sapphire, green aventurine, blue chalcedony, mother of pearl, pearl

Power- amber, carnelian, quartz crystals, citrine, tiger iron

PMS- moonstone, malachite, smoky quartz

Prosperity- amber, citrine, jade, jet, malachite, green aventurine, moss agate, silver, tiger eye, turquoise, green quartz, green garnet,peridot

Psychic Powers- brecciated jasper, lapis lazuli, malachite, moonstone, opal, amethyst, labradorite, kyanite, phrenite, copper, quartz, moldavite, obsidian, silver, aqua aura, seraphinite, celestite

Sadness-(reduce) sodalite, red jasper, larimar, cherry quartz

Self Confidence- aventurines, diamonds, garnet, tiger eye, rhodonite

Sexuality (enhancing) - smoky quartz, garnet, rose quartz, rhodocrosite, amethyst, carnelian, watermelon tourmaline

Shyness- tiger eye, hematite, lepidolite, lithium quartz

Sinus Issues- sodalite, black onyx, fluorite, moss agate, kyanite, chevron amethyst

Sleep Issues- amethyst (under foot of bed), howlite, sodalite, lapis lazuli, sapphire, topaz

Spirituality- amethyst, charoite, seraphinite, blue topaz, quartz, lapis lazuli, celestite, sugilite, angelite, moldavite, malachite, brecciated jasper

Stress- amethyst, larimar, brecciated jasper, Herkimer diamond, malachite, black onyx, chrysocolla, lapis lazuli, moonstone, mother of pearl, biwa pearl, pearl, coral, aquamarine

Stress/Nervousness- tourmalines, lapis lazuli, turquoise, larimar, mother of pearl, Biwa pearl, coin pearl, rhodocrosite

Success- citrine, green quartz, green aventurine, green jade, green garnet

Thought Processes/Thinking (Clear) - copper, dumortierite, amazonite, aquamarine, carnelian, celestite

Trauma (healing) - aventurine, rose quartz, rhodonite, rhodocrosite

Truth- Pearls

Visualization/astral travel-selentie, celestite, kyanite

Weakness (to lessen) - amethyst, rock quartz, hematite

Wealth/Abundance- citrine, green aventurine, tiger eye, hawk eye, jade, jet, malachite, moss agate, silver, turquoise, larimar, green garnet, emeralds, ruby, peridot

Will Power (to enhance) - rose quartz, black onyx, tiger eye, rutilated quartz, amethyst, charoite, lapis lazuli, pearls

Wisdom- lapis lazuli, sodalite, sugilite, ruby, carnelian, amethyst, turquoise

Wishes (coming true) - carnelian (especially worn over the heart), jade, moonstone

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