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Abundantia Attunement - Kim is no longer offering this attunement.

This is a very pleasant, nurturing attunement that connects you with the energies of the Roman goddess of abundance and plenty, Abundantia (pronounced: abundan-shea)  Abundantia was depicted as a beautiful woman with flowing hair, wearing golden robes and carrying a cornucopia that spills out golden coins over people as they sleep.

Abundantia is a very patient, loving, and pure being, exemplifying the great abundance of Mother/Father God Source. She has representation in other cultures as well.

Abundantia brings success, good fortune, wealth, and abundance of all things good to those that call on her. Being attuned to her energy keeps her loving energies around you all the time. This lovely goddess is also considered the protector of savings, investments, and valuables. Remember abundance is more than material, it can encompass spirituality, joy, faith, and love as well.

A note about abundance… Abundantia always works with what we consider to be positive abundance on our Earth plane… just remember when working with the word abundance on your own to be specific and demand/request the positive aspects of this powerful word, since we live in a dimension of duality that works in two directions. You wouldn’t want to request just abundance, and then get an abundance of stress, weight gain, or unwanted attention.

I had a personal experience with Abundantia that led me to get this attunement for myself. I was having a terrible financial week, my thoughts were a little low, and that negativity allowed a whole domino drop of unsettling events to transpire. I finally had enough and retreated to my room to lie down. I felt a gentle, loving presence, then someone stroking my hair. I was astonished to see Abundantia sitting at my side, glowing in golden light, consoling me. She is one of the most peaceful, loving beings I have encountered.

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